Emaan Volunteer Club has organized the sharing Session Series 3 on 08 November, 2020 at the Hall of Noral Iman Chroy Metrey high school in Kandal Province with supporting from Emaan Foundation Cambodia (EFC), and in collaboration with Cambodian Islamic Center (CIC), Abubakar Islamic High School (AIHS), and Noral Iman Chroy Metrey High School (NICHS). The forum topic was “the University Orientation” presented by 3 special speakers. There are 131 grade 12 students, and 36 participants in the event.
First speaker has shared very important tips to grade 12 students to prepare themselves for upcoming National Examination. The second speaker has shared his own experience on how he got the scholarship to study abroad. Moreover, the third speaker has shared her own experience on what she did to become an outstanding student at university.



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With the support from Emaan Foundation Cambodia (EFC), a Sharing Session Series 2 was successfully organized on October 15, 2020 at EFC Training room. The forum entitled “Evolving Life Skills in the Digital Age” was presented by a renowned speaker on human resources development, Math Sadat. He is currently a Chief of Human Resources Officer at JTrust […]


Emaan Volunteer Club Organizes an Intellectual Sharing Session

The Sharing Session Series is an intellectual forum initiated by Emaan Volunteer Club, conducted on October 03, 2020, at EFC Training Room, with the support of Emaan Foundation Cambodia. The main objective of this forum is to build the capacity of youth in relation to communication. The invited resource person was Mr. Math Kreya, the Secretary General […]


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