On August 8/2021 Emaan Volunteer Club has conducted The Virtual Sharing Session #5 on the topic: Self-Determination and Self-Management. The Virtual program was on Zoom from 9:00-10:00 am Joined by 2 special speakers Mr. Chhneom Then (Senior Recruitment Manager at Canadia Bank) and Ms, Keo Sreylen (Manager of Student Affairs). There were 23 participants of various university students.

Mr. Then has showed his own background and motivated to all participant to have a clear goal setting with a strong self-determination. He suggested to all participants to check own weakness and try completing it and find ways or someone who can guide you to complete your goal.
Importantly, he has shared 7 Essential Self-Management Skills such as Organization, Goal Setting, Time Management, Self-Motivation, Stress Management, Accountability and Meaningful Productivity.
Beside the topic, he also shared the opportunities of professional young trainees at Canadia Bank and benefit of program.

Ms. Keo Sreylen Personal Experiences and Tip to be successful in Self –Determination such as goal setting, building passion, stay focus on the goal, time management with specific deadline of completion and stay motivated.
Additionally, she also shared her own experience Tips in Self-Management such as adaptability & flexibility, Mental Control, and have a good discipline. Ultimately, she has showed some of her accomplishment at school and work to motivate all participants.


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